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Polystyrol - the crystal clear polymer

General Purpose PolyStyrene (GPPS), a product from the BASF plastics range, is a crystal-clear, high-performance polymer that is very easy to process. It is used in the packaging industry, in the household and sanitary sector. Within BASF, polystyrene is processed further to create insulation products: these include the green foam panels Styrodur® (XPS: extruded polystyrene) and the extrusion-based foam precursor Neopor® (EPS: expandable polystyrene).


The following properties make GPPS an excellent product in both its clear and expanded forms, and it can be easily processed using injection molding and extrusion:

  • High transparency
  • Bright, high-gloss surface
  • High rigidity and hardness
  • Low shrinkage
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Excellent electrical insulator